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A Girl with a Black Hat

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adventurecrimefemale leadspy/agent

~ A sober girl falls into an unexpected trap. Not knowing of the fact, that people are coming for her, she was unaware of her own life and her past, which gets revealed at the time of struggle. ~ After accepting her past with difficult thoughts, she thinks about the nation and its people and confidently goes ahead to make wrong things right. She was taken to a place hidden from the whole world. Exploring the place, she has a mission to fulfil. ~ The place gives her several proofs and gestures her towards her next move. Her suspicious past who had lost many of her fellow companions, she takes every necessary step to find them and bring them back home. ~ The story is a progression of suspense and action and ends on a good note. Drug dealing is dangerous but people who manufacture it should be targeted rather than the in-takers. The story shows what a single person is capable of if they make something a mission of their life. There are people like the ones in the story who are not revealed in front of anyone but are working more than their capacity for the people of the nation.

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