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Captain Sean's Hot Passion

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"Currently we are at an altitude of 43,000 feet or the equivalent of 13,716 km. I know Miss's destination is South Korea, Geoje Island. But, Miss must forgive God because soon this plane will fall into a ravine. Later, Miss will be helped by a handsome civil servant from South Korea." Starting from the prediction of the dreadlocks man, then the prediction also happened to Nora Saukilla Ekualen, a twenty-seven-year-old woman who is successful with several major publishing offices and several restaurants with a turnover of tens of millions per day. The plane crash made Killa meet a servant of the country named Captain Sean Dewa Anggara. Captain Sean himself is a mature man with South Korean blood - Magelang. The journey of love begins when Killa loses his memory and suffers from terminal leukodystrophy. A neurological disorder that makes the victim's memory only spin at the age of five years. This makes it difficult for Killa to return to Magelang and live in South Korea. Togetherness eventually grows the seeds of love between the two. Despite all the obstacles from the enemy Captain Sean tries to kill Killa. Until, when Sean was about to express his feelings, Killa again remembered his fiancé, David. "Sean, I have to go back to Magelang. I remember everything, I can't stay here because I want to marry David." The two separate, Killa leaves the military village and Sean continues his country duty. Even so, unbeknownst to them, the universe has bound the two of them in a work contract. Yes... Captain Sean is also the best-selling writer who is currently publishing works at Saukilla's publishing office. However, can fate bring together two people who love each other?

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