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The Ruthless CEO

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"You were flirting with my client right in front of me, I knew you were trying to get back at me, well you won! Because I'm so mad that I'm going to punish you for it!" He pushed me inside, grabbed my lips and kissed me roughly. "There will be no time for foreplay…" ------------------------------------------------------ I never thought I could meet Carl again, at my darkest moments. “GET OUT OF MY OFFICE OR SUCK MY DICK” He screamed at me. I flushed with embarrassment, how could the gentleman I had secretly in love with for years become this grumpy? Yet still, he is hot as hell and I want him so badly. The first time I saw Carl, he was the heir of Manson Empire, and I was nobody but a little intern. He was successful and respected, yet always being caring and gentle. I was clumsy and shy, yet full of dreams and ambition. He had never laid an eye on me, but he was always the beacon lighting up my world. Until my world collapsed. So I ran.

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