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Lost In Your Simplicity

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Blixiene Cawie, Is just a simple poor girl who is transferred to Saint Claire's University in 10th grade from the province. They moved to a house owned by her boss, who she's not familiar with. A mysterious hot guy, capable of making her feel anything she hadn't felt before. Dexter Rue, became sweeter each day after glimpsing a bit of her smile. He applied her in their house as her personal maid. Without giving her some hard work because she's too soft and pretty to be tired for. A soft, naughty hot guy like him likes those girls who are independent and simple. He pursued and approached her after a while, he courted her, and loved her secretly, but he always makes sure she can feel it. Happily together and not thinking of any other. Their relationship got good, nothing wrong or any problems but for just one reason broke their hearts. Blixiene, is known as a cry baby girl of their family. Will she take all the pain by leaving him alone? By saying all the bad things to him? Will their hearts cross paths again? Will their promises gonna prove in the future? Love is just wasting your life. Be with yourself first, love yourself first, before flying high with the right man of your life. Love is like a cloud, it can fade when the wind flies behind you.

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