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You are the only one in my heart

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This is the story about a couple.he is the man who had deep feelings for a girl.he can do anything for her.anything...because she is the only one in his heart.but something happened he himself ruined her life and broke her heart.she finally left the city but she also took his heart with her.he can't find her and his heart also dead.after six years she finally came back then the man pursued her aimlessly. this is also a story about another couple.a famous girl fall in love with Mafia gang leader.she firmly pursued him.but she what she got was his rejection.then she was she decided to stop loving him.she agreed to marry another person.but the man in her heart came back and took her to his side. here there is a another couple.a man had a one sided love for a girl almost thirteen years.but he know that his one sided love never succeed because she already have a handsome fiance.but he can't help just follow her.follow his heart.silently accompanied her.on the day of her marriage he was drunk and......

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