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The Luna Queen's Manifestation

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female leadFirst loveshifterweak to strongwerewolf

‘’I love your reaches deep inside me and stretches me out in ways no other man or wolf ever will. I moan your name in bed every night just from the memories of the night I have had with you. I am yours. Alpha, do with my body what you please.’’ the woman said. On so many other occasions, those words would have been enough to give him the satisfaction he needed. But now, The all-mighty Adonis was no longer interested in the so-called pleasure, neither her skin nor her soft lips. Because he had had a strange dream last night. The mystery girl in his dreams made him feel like a piece of his mind and his sanity had been ripped out of him, and it made him want no other woman except for her. Adonis is the head of all werewolves in the world, the alpha of alphas, an arrogant Womanizer, but nature gives him this beautiful dark-haired girl, Pearl, as his mate. No matter how hard he would ever try, he would never wash away the chemistry and the connection between him and her. They were meant to rule together and not even the world can pull them apart.

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