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Conned by Tadhana

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Gabrielle Selene Gardocci, daughter of the country’s number one hotel mogul, a philanthropist, and a drag racer, is an epitome of a badass independent woman. She got it all good until her father takes away her freedom by marrying her off to his business partner’s son, Ximone Louis Alfarozo—the youngest yet domineering CEO of Alfarozo Group. She ends up agreeing to it but with a hidden agenda, make Xilo back down from the marriage arrangement. But little did she know that Xilo also has his own secret agenda of marrying her. But before she could out the truth, she already lost her heart to the same man whose ill intention is to confine her in a loveless marriage. Gabbie vows to never forgive the people behind this deceit especially Xilo. However, Xilo who already has nothing but love for Gabbie also vows to win her heart again, this time, without pretentions just pure intentions no matter how hard it gets. Will Gabbie end up conned by tadhana and suffer the fate of her parents or will love overpower hate?

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