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As long as you are happy!

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Brian Park, a doctor in his mid 20's is a superhuman. But this supernatural power is highly dangerous to his life, yet he could save the life of other people. His psychic powers remains as a secret among his close ones and once it comes to light, people would consider him as a paranormal person. Daniel park, founder of Park foundation as well as father of Brain, wanted to protect his boy and makes sure he doesn't use his supernatural power. He doesn't want the world to know that his son is blessed with a miraculous power. They consider it as a curse rather than a blessing. Brian Park meets a young girl, Keily Smith who has been hospitalized for about 1 year. He liked her at his first meet. Later, he finds out a shocking news about her, using his supernatural power. He gets to know that she will be alive only for the next 30 days!! But as days goes on, he fall in love with her. Time is a spoil sport here, but Brian could save her using his supernatural power! What is his supernatural power that his father is afraid of?? Will he save her?? Will this supernatural being, Brian and the young girl, Keily would get to live and love each other?? Will the destiny be cruel to them?? Who is Keily Smith and why is she hospitalized? Read out and find the answers for these questions!!

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