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The Cursed Serpent Possession

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Mr. and Mrs. Lee are couples from China who decided to migrate to the Philippines to build their own business and begin their life as a family. Their only child Veto is not normal, only Yaya Noning, his nanny knows about it. He grew up in the basement, because his parents wanted to protect him from people. Because of poverty, Sarah left her province and found a job in Manila, It was then a fortune that she knew a lady who works in the known village of Quezon City, where she applied as a cook and she luckily is hired in the Lee’s family. Yaya Zoning and the couple Lee loved her greatly. But when the Chinese couple is planning to have grandchildren from Sarah and their son, the nightmare begins to the young lady. That night when they gave a drink to Sarah and sent her to the basement where Veto is staying. Veto that night fell in love with the young lady at first sight. Possessively owned Sarah while the innocent one is in a night of good sleep. Owning Sarah's body that night is the night to remember, but for the young lady that should be a remarkable nightmare. She then begot their Twins. Without knowing that when the couple deceased, the whole heir and legacies were named to Sarah, Veto, and the twins. When Lance Cruz was informed about the wealth of Sarah, he finds a way to reach the lady. He wins the heart of the girl and becomes a lover. Not until she discovers that the man is secretly married to another woman five years ago. How can Sarah find comfort out of the way after being fooled by someone she thinks is the best person she amasses. A person she loved from the first day they met in the same province she came from. And now she is alone, a mess, and the one who comforted her was her serpent daughter "Era". A daughter that she doesn't take any care of ever since she gave birth until now that they were young. He can't blame Vera if the person is growing with bad, attitudes it's her fault then. But maybe it is not the end so she started gaining the heart of her Twins. Now she realized that appearance can be deceiving. A handsome Lance with a raven heart is now nailed down and she will start again living with her daughters. They thought it would be their normal lives, but when Era discovered the medallion in the neck of her Daddy Veto is the same features in the black mini book she found out in her grandparent's room she read the details out of it, she discovered that her venom is the things to treat her dad from the cursed. When Veto escaped from the curse he made everything to win Sarah's heart. He won't give up until that time comes. Veto succeeds, and they get married, and both are in love with each other.

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