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another worldBXGwerewolf

I ran faster trying to catch the man who, I had just caught forcing himself on a little street girl. I grabbed his neck as I caught him and was about to twist it when someone behind kicked me, releasing my hold against the man’s neck. “Thank you brother!” the man shouted, after being released from my hands. Before he could run, my fist landed on his jaw and he staggered. I gave him another blow that hit his nose and then a frontal kick that made him like paper, flying. A millisecond and then there was a tug sound when his body landed nearby. I then felt a kick hitting my back that almost made me outbalance, but I am not an ordinary human who could easily be shaken. I turned around to face the man who helped the rapist and just for a second that he looked into my eyes, his body shook and then he fell to the ground, lifeless. I smirked while looking at his dead body. “Tsss, you looked into my tantalizing eyes, that’s why,” I murmured, shaking my head. Then I heard that clicking of a gun’s trigger, at my back. “Put your hands up!” A woman’s voice filled my ears and my nostrils then savored the smell of my favorite hot chocolate, fresh, aromatic, and intoxicating. I slowly weakened as my heart thumped, so crazily fast. “Put your hands at your back now and don’t you dare make any violent reaction,” she said again while her gun was still pointed at my back. I did as told and immediately, I felt my hands being handcuffed. “Now, turn around!” she commanded. I slowly turned around to face her and see if she will recognize me. “You? Again! Holy Ghost, you really want to be put in jail again?!” she hissed at me and I enjoyed seeing the surprise, then the angry expression on her face. She is beautiful and I was truly drawn to her. I smiled widely at her and nodded, “Yes, bring me to your precinct where I can be near you always. I will be enjoying that.” She gave me a fierce look as she dragged me on her nearby big, black Police Motorbike. “By the way, let me tell you this again, you are my mate. You are destined to become the Queen Luna of the most powerful Ultima Alpha King from the Galactid Realm, Kingdom of Galalian,” I said, repeating what I have told her before. “Lunatic! I will put you in jail!” she hissed at me, while she kicked my butt, which made my eyes grow wide. None! No one ever disrespected me like that in my Kingdom! I immediately turned around and before she could move, she was already inside my handcuffed hands and my lips crushed her lips, unceremoniously and punishingly. I felt her become frozen for a while, and I took that opportunity to delve my tongue deeper into her sweet mouth. My tongue searched around until it caught her tongue unguarded. And, I just know, I have tasted the sweetest lips and sweetest tongue ever. Then, I felt it; the first slap in my life!

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