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Xander's Girl

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billionairecontract marriagegay/BXB

When Hayley Winters meets an elderly woman on the beach, she has no idea the turn her life is about to take. The elderly woman turns out to be Helen Dominic, grandmother of billionaire Xander Dominic, one of the most gorgeous, sought after bachelors around. Having just found out she is unwell, Grandma Helen decides its time her playboy grandson settled down. Preferably with someone that would care for him more than his money. Hayley is her choice. Sparks fly between Hayley and Xander from the second they meet and a marriage of convenience soon turns into something more special than either of them could have envisioned. However external forces like ex’s, backstabbing friends and personal insecurities all work together to try and cause a rift between the happy couple. With the odds stacked against them from the start, will their blossoming love and a grandmothers well wishes be enough to keep them together when the contract ends or will they give in to the forces working against them?

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