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The Awakening of the Crowned Wolf Book 2

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【Book Two of the Awakening of the Crowned Wolf】 I Killed him. The Darkness kept dragging me into the abyss of the quagmire of memories and guilt of killing him. He turned to me and kept pointing his finger at me accusingly, groaning in pain, “Why did you kill me? ” Tears pouring down like waterfalls onto the ground and my nails dug into my arms, giving me the pain I deserved. “So sorry, I loved you. I did not know it was you. Please forgive me”, every night I creaming in emotional pain in the darkness. People kept dying and it was all my fault, I could see my mothers faces, I could see Nicolas’s mothers face, they were all dead because of me. The King wanted me, and I should have just let him have me. Death would be my friend at this point, everyone I knew and loved is hurting or dead because of me. I could not dig my way out of wanting to run from the memories in the black void of nothingness however I could not, I was frozen in a ball of self-pity in my dark entrapment. But all in all, I’m a princess, a werewolf and a warrior.

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