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Deon. A man who is liked by many women. How come. His tall body, white skin color, sharp nose and the color of his brown eyes make women who see him will not see him just like that. Moreover, Deon is the only son of a conglomerate family that owns many companies at domestically and abroad. But that doesn't mean it all makes Deon a playboy. He has only loved one woman in his heart since he was in high school. The woman's name was Klarybel. And it seems that Klarybel also really loves Deon. Everything Deon has done just for Klarybel. What's more, Deon's parents really like Klarybel. Because she was born into a rich family like Deon. But after walking for 2 years, the woman he loved so much cheated on him. It all made Deon very heartbroken. Since then Deon has never been in a relationship with another woman. Until finally came a woman who really fought for Deon. The woman has a name that is almost similar to the name of the former Deon. That is Clarabella. Not without reason the woman fought for Deon, but only because Clarabella got a challenge from her friends. If she manages to get Deon, then all her friends will give her gifts. Did Clarabella succeed in getting Deon's heart? Will Deon feel heartbroken again because of Clarabella's game, or is Clarabella trapped in her own game?

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