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The Story Of Us

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Tripartite Love , Love Triangle A situation whereby two guys fell in love with the same girl. Love between Blood - Love between the rich and the poor - Then there's also WHS; Wearous High School - From the name, should already know that it's an high school that welcomes mostly students from wealthy homes. If you not rich or if you've got no connection or relationship with someone who's prosperous but you still prefer to attend that school, you'ld have no or few friends and Of course; so many haters because, you would be disliked for no specific reason. So in this school and it entire environment, the poor relates with the poor and the wealthy ones relates with their kinds. ** A love triangle arises between siblings...But they actually didn't know that they were siblings because they were separated right from when they were little. One was raised in and brought up in a very rich family. And the other in a poor family.. Let's not go too deep yet .. The story is about Music, Love, Hatred....And everything you'ld love/want in a story. It's an high school romance story.

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