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Billionaire's Broken Angel

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The Bright Star
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"Please...don't come….near me..who" She saw that he was walking towards her like a predator. She grabbed her wedding gown with both her hands and her fragile heart thumping in her chest. "You are not in the position to ask me who I am. I hope you know why you are here." "It's a late sweetheart and pleases for what you have the whole night to please me, now start I'm not a patient man" "Please…..I'm not that kind of girl. Who do you want, sorry sir." "Nobody tells me what I want and you do not dare to object to me. I purchased you and you have already become my slave, And you should be happy that at least I have given you the title of my wife in front of the world. So be faithful and do your duties as a wife." "No! No….you cannot cage me like this what I'm doing here." "You already caged because you are sold in the middle of the whole market And you are here to warm my bed and please me whenever, wherever I want!" "But why are you so rich and handsome you find anyone, any woman, ready to be your wife why you ruin me." "Because I like your innocence and I like to ruin the innocence of yours." He pulled her soft body and she collided with his hard chest. The difference between them was an inch, their breath mingled and he claimed her lips and woke up the beast inside him.

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