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Mr Stranger

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“It was just a plain sex” -Mary “What do you mean by Break-up, stop this nonsense, it will never happen” – Gabriel Because of Mary's broken-heartedness, she gave herself to a total stranger. She has no intention of chasing after him because, for her, it is her way for self-rebellion. She lied to the man where she lives and it,’s up to him on how to figure it out, she will move on with her life. Gabriel Arya, Mary is a total stranger to him but he didn't know what pushed the woman to entrust him with her virginity. He knows that the girl is drunk so he needs he had to take responsibility for what happened to them. But it looks like the girl totally run away from him. A few years later they met again and it seemed like destiny was really toying on her because he was a senior to his brother-in-law and sister as a policeman. I met the girl again who's been lying to me about where she lives and he really avoided me to the best that he can. But this he will not allow that it can escape to him again. She avoided it as best she could but she couldn't really figure out why it was always tailing her. Her family discouraging her to do not fall for a policeman because she can't hold his time. How long will she be able to avoid this man if she gradually falls in love with him? Could her family accept Gabriel because of his work? Until when Gabriel could understand the way Mary thinks yet he could not read its movements? Could they meet their happy ending beyond the odds? Until could Mary tests the patience of Gabriel towards her.

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