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The Impact of Her: Season One

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The story starts with Robert, waking up to his usual, unexciting life as a prince. Robert is the heir of Western Wind. Although he's known as the most beloved heirs in all four kingdoms in the Immortal Realm, Robert wishes to be free from his draining relationship with his father, King James. Mallory, Robert's childhood friend, was in love with him. But he didn't feel the same. When Robert visited the Mortal Realm, Robert was swamped by greedy mortals when the royal guards followed him. During a run from the guards, Robert stumbles upon Laura, whom he immediately fell for. Robert was then introduced to Laura's life, especially her adoptive father, Grandpa Ben. When Robert returned to his own world, Mallory begged Robert to give her a chance to be with him. Hesitant, Robert agreed in the hopes that Mallory would stop bothering him if he did. Robert and James had another confrontation during a family meal. Robert returned to the Mortal Realm to see Laura again, only to feel as if he was the only one interested in the growing friendship between them. Robert's best friend, Prince Benjamin of Eastern Sun, paid him a visit and gave advice. In the midst of everything that's happening in his life, Robert continued to experience strange dreams that seemed to be real. Not long after, Robert and his mother, Queen Amelia, was invited to Middle Earth to meet Queen Marta, the mother of Princess Lorain. Princess Lorain was the princess arranged to be wed to Robert for an alliance. Looking forward to meet his future bride, he was met with disappointment when Princess Lorain was said to be on her personal retreat. On their voyage back home, the ship Prince Robert and Queen Amelia boarded had to take a different route to avoid the pirates that raids ships in the Sea of Gliss. However, this option was proven to be worse than simply facing the pirates head on. Cornered and in a panic, Queen Amelia guides Robert in what he should do and use the resources surrounding him. With the crew's bravery and help from the creatures of the sea, Robert was able to penetrate through the blockade the pirates made. A battle was held onboard, to which Robert had to leave to go after Queen Amelia whom he sent to her room. When he got there, the pirate leader has the queen in his hands. Robert bargains his life in exchange for the safety of his mother. This deal was accepted and even though she fought against it, Queen Amelia was removed from the situation. The pirate leader inflicts torture on the young prince, scarring his chest open. Robert was about to be killed when James came just in time with his own men. James saw Robert's state and wasn't pleased with what he saw. As James tortured the pirate leader, Robert fell unconscious in his mother's arms. All Queen Amelia could do was scream and pray that her beloved son would survive.

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