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MAGICZARD ACADEMY: The Heartless Princess

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There was a nerd that is bullied by everyone, keeps on transferring because of unexplainable happenings, a weird, mysterious and a creepy one. She's famous! So famous that every pair of eyes would look at her. A disgusting look. But no one knows her real identity. No one. Like who would want to know her if she's a nerd, a useless ugly nerd? But behind those masks.. She's a goddess. A goddess that can make you fall in just a blink of an eye. A goddess that will captivate your heart and soul. A goddess that has so many untold story and secrets. A goddess that will make your life a living nightmare. She's fierce Cold as ice Emotionless She's Heartless So don't you dare try to push her limits if you don't want to taste hell. Because she herself is the living hell. And finally the time has come. She was transferred to the school where magics exists Magiczard Academy Her land of birth. Insanity! Like who will believe that magics exists? Who? But what if ... She finds out that she's not just an ordinary? But extremely extraordinary? That she contains the FOUR ELEMENTAL MAGICS That's shes the LONG LOST POWERFUL PRINCESS of Magiczard Kingdom

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