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The Billionaire Alpha's Secret Baby

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"8 weeks of pregnancy?!" I almost cried over the test result as a vague figure emerged in front of my eyes. “Him? I’m carrying that stranger’s baby after a one-night stand?! No!!!" ***************** Reeling from the heartbreak of being abandoned by a one-night-stand stranger, Grace finds herself an 8-week-pregnancy without even knowing the father's name. Feeling isolated and even opposed by her parents, Grace has no choice but leaving home sorely to protect her baby. Then, seven years later, she comes back to her hometown and accidentally saves the life of a young billionaire who later turned out to be the Alpha of her pack and the father of her baby. What will this fated reunion bring the two? Will he bother to look after Grace and his baby after all those years? Or, has he already moved on? To find more, please read.

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