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Mr Casanova Meets The Notorious Frat Princess

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"ALIYAH SHANE NICOLAS, You are the salutatorian of the class for this year.. and Alex Delfin.. you are the valedictorian. Congratulations to the both of you!" -it was Miss Ghandia, our class adviser. I am happy and contented because I end up my high school years with flying colors. All of the people who surround and love me were very happy and proud, most especially my mom. BUT... That was the scenario, four months ago. That was the old Aliyah that I buried in the past. I’ve started to change during the summer vacation. That was the time Lewis Mercado broke up with me. He was my first love, my first boyfriend, and my first heartache as well. I thought, he will be my first and last love. But unfortunately, I was wrong. That happening changed me----change me for my worst. The pain took me to this place. Pain pushed me to change. I am currently a frat leader. Some of them tagged me as the ‘ Frat Princess ’ but I don’t care. What matters to me right now are frat wars, hurt people that I don’t like, and look for trouble. My favorite expression anyways is, giving an eye roll, a death glare, and a smirk. I barely smile. Or have I already forgotten it for a long time? Maybe yes. I don’t have any friends in our school. I hate being attached to someone. That’s how I live right now. And I don't think something will change in the future.

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