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A marriage with an affair

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Randall reacted quickly and slammed on the brakes. "Winia, Do you desperately want to die?" He furrowed his brow tightly and looked at Winia coldly. "No, I want to live." Winia choked. She Looked up into Randall's cold eyes and said with a wry smile, "But I'm madly in love with you as a deceitful, flirting man." "Even you killed your own child ..." Winia's heart went cold as she spoke. Her grief turned to anger and her bloodshot eyes stared up at Randall's commanding gaze. This cold-blooded man, or as always arrogant. Winia looked at his face and her heart ached violently. She hated him so deeply. The tears distracted Randall and shattered his heart. He pulled himself out of his trance and stared her in the face. "You were pregnant at that time?" he said shocked. -------------------------------- She loves him for many years, but he sent her to prison. He even showed his love for another woman in front of her. When she was released, she was not the woman who loved him anymore. She was pretty and indifferent. But he turned so tender. What a pity, the things are still there but men are no more the same ones.

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