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Revenge After Reincarnation: His Obsession

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Lan Lan
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Since she was switched on purpose and became a daughter of one of her father's mistresses, Ava Cook had led a hard life. Born in a rich family and with great talents, she should have led a happy life. However, she turned out to die with disabilities. Only when the bomb exploded, did she realize that how stupid she was. Since it was so lucky for her to revive and begin her life again, she was sure to take revenge on those people who treated her badly in her previous life. She would not be a fool at the mercy of others again. But...Ava asked, "I came here to pay you for what you did to me in my previous life. You need to do nothing but accept the money and the person. Why do you get so close to me?" He answered, "Nothing is better than yourself. I think you are right. I should accept the person." She turned speechless.

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