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A Bad Playboy, a Good Husband

Er ShaoOngoing
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Er Shao
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After having dinner with her future mother-in-law, she was turned on due to drug effect. Accidentally, she had one night stand with a billionaire, a prince charming. "What are you doing?""Don't you know it?""Damn you!" In such a way, she crossed his path. She had thought that it would be bygones. It was beyond her expectation that he appeared again as her soon-to-be brother in law in their second meeting. Her dignity and morality forced her to end such a torturing relationship immediately. However, he didn't share the same idea with her. She couldn't help asking, "There are so many women around you. Why do you choose me?" His cold tone penetrated her body and entered her soul, making a permanent mark there. "Maybe because I'm a neat freak!" He whispered in her ears. It turned out that she had never given up seeking for brightness in spite of depression. It turned out that she was reluctant not to struggle although there laid a dark future before her. So she was strong and yet timid, perseverant and yet weak. All she wanted was his answer to her question, "When do you release me on earth?" His magnetic voice, low and seductive, trapped her in sea of fire in spite that it sounded so cold. His detached words crushed her last belief, "Till I get tired of you..."

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