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My Husband, Go Away!

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Mao Mao
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contract marriagebadgirlCEO

I was betrayed and hurt by my husband and female cousin after I got married for half a year. I managed to become a mistress of my husband's leader in order to take revenge after a narrow escape. Donald Watson was a man of the upper class who could get whatever he wanted, while I was just a divorcee. Therefore, I felt so lowly in front of him. It had been impossible for us two to cross paths. But he trapped me in a narrow toilet, smiling, "Believe it or not, I could take revenge for you!" I was the happiest woman in the world as I was doted on by such a gentle and powerful man. My husband regret over what he did to me when witnessing that. I was lost in his love and thought that I was special to him. However, until later did I come to realize that it was just for a pilot when he helped me!

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