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"Little mouse, the next time I have to repeat something to you, I'll have to take you over my knee" I shuddered. The thought of him taking me over his knee made me hot for some unknown reason. I sat carefully on his laps, my legs to the side. He turned me so I straddled him. He caressed my sides and leaned into my neck. He sucked on the side of my neck and I tilted my head to give him better access. He scraped my neck gently and I moaned. I felt super sensitive all over my body. "My king" "Thane. Call me Thane. I want to hear you scream it when you cum for me." *************************************************** When Esmeralda is sent to the North as a slave and she gets appointed as the maid of the king, sparks fly. Alpha King Thane is wild and ruthless. He doesn't know how to be gentle. He is exasperated by the slave in red dress. He doesn't want another mate but no one else can have her. Esmeralda is attracted to the king. He acts hot and cold towards her and stirs up emotions she doesn't understand. She has no idea what he wants from her. What does fate have for the innocent slave girl and the ruthless alpha king? Will fate bring them together or will secrets from their past tear them apart.

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