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The Last Awakening: Rise of the Five Kingdoms

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In a world of Five Lands, where each land is ruled by different magical beings. Werewolves ruled Gerwulf, Vampires had control of The Dungeons, Centaurs governed The Forest; Zombies had the Graves and Mermaids swam in Merland; and each creature was restricted to enter other's land except of political matters or meeting. As most of them managed to live in peace with the other, the werewolves and vampires could not accept one other, being longtime foes, and were at each other's throat all the time. After a deadly attack by the vampires and loss of many great lives, the werewolves were propelled to come into an agreement with the vampires. They were to face one another in a final war in two years' time that would determine their ultimate destiny; but were prohibited to attack in any way until then. To prove their loyalty to the agreement, they were to exchange their most important royal members. As a result, Celeste, daughter of the vampire Queen goes with the werewolves while Ulfred, elder son of the then dead Alpha is taken by the vampires. The rule was that the members of opposite parties must not interact with their hosts on emotional level nor were they to interfere in their matters or were allowed to go visit their respective kingdoms. Breach of the treaty meant early war and in case of breach, both will immediately kill the respective members they had in exchange. As both werewolves and vampires start to prepare and join forces with other magical kingdoms for upcoming war, Damian, Alpha of Gerwulf finds himself attracting to Celeste. As sparks start to ignite between the two and they fall hopelessly for the opposite, rebellion begins in the packs. Damian's cousin and enemy Ragnar and his wolves devoured in vengeance against the Alpha, betray their pack and join secret forces with the vampires, forming murderous plans to finish the werewolves before war. The Queen of vampires imbued with greed join hands, violating the agreement.

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