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One Night with the Seductive Girl

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Her father bartered her for money and it turned out to be that she slept with him mistakenly. Addicted to her, he asked to have her to satisfy him night by night and would not let go of her. She begged and he asked for more. As time went by, she couldn't make out love and desire and was lost in his gentle will. He once said to her, "Ye Yao, you are mine. Don't dream about escaping from me!" But the reality threw cold water on her. Her grandfather sent his subordinates to kill her. When she showed up in front of him, he had already married his new lovely wife. So she left and went abroad that night. Years later, when she returned with two cute kids, she heard that the man she missed days and nights had lost his memory. He asked, "That woman, who are you? Do I know you?" When they met again, he still didn't let her go, and threw her into bed. "Mister president, you are mistaking me for someone else. We never met before.""OK. But we know each other now." He turned around and took off her clothes, again and again forcing her to satisfy him. He fell in love with her again, but she planned to escape with those two kids this time. "You can't escape this time, darling." She hid and he chased. No matter how long she hid, he would chase without stop this time. With his memories regained and the truth made known, where will love and truth go?

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