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Date with Mr. Mystery in Bed

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She had already been badly frightened in the past one day. First, she inexplicably slept with a man. Then, she was caught adultery and got divorced. Even when walking on the street, she was hit by a car. When she was about to kick the car again, the window rolled down, revealing a man's face. Heavens! How could there be such an exquisite face in this world? Little did she know that he was Mr. Mystery she had spent a crazy night with yesterday. Neither did she know, this man will become her new husband soon...   "Miss Miller, your father really needs an operation right away! So you may really consider my suggestion." The man walked into the ward and said to her. She looked at her father who was on the bed. She wiped her tears, turned around and faced him.   "Okay, I agree to marry your young master. As long as you will save my father’s life."

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