Ascension of a Gamma By Caine Casann | Libri

Ascension of a Gamma

Caine Casann

I always knew who I was born to be, but the Goddess had other plans. She deprived me of the one thing I needed to fulfill my duty. I disappointed my pack, I lost the ones I loved, and my purpose was losing its worth. I persevered for years, waiting for the day I could leave my pack. But my plans were thwarted yet again when She fated me as mate to an infamous Alpha. It would’ve been alright had I not known about his dirty little secret. Lost and confused, who would’ve known that I would one day stumble upon something that would undo everything I knew about the past. And because of it, I’d find myself asking about my real identity and destiny. I’m Anna Bella Fiora, future Head Gamma of the White Lake Pack. Well, at least I thought I was.

The Billionaire's Forbidden Legacy By Jay Crawley | Libri

The Billionaire's Forbidden Legacy

Jay Crawley

"Look at me." He orders. I swallow, keeping my gaze on his overpriced dress shoes. He grabs me by the arm, "Don't make me ask you a second time." He growls furiously. I slowly raise my gaze to his. "You have gone too far this time." His voice is cruel, demanding and it rubs me the wrong way. ************ Carlos Hammond, a handsome billionaire. Impenetrable, possessive, ruthless, the most important thing for him is his nephew. Laura Kline, a simple and brave girl, who lives with her seriously ill father. What will happen when Laura shows up and tries to take away Carlos's nephew recklessly?

In Between By Deathsbride | Libri

In Between


She's independent and strong woman. All she wants is to be successful in life, and to have a complete family who will make her feel loved. Giving up is not in her vocabulary but what if heaven test her faith, will she accept her destiny? Are you ready to test your faith and make yourself choose between love and responsibilities?

The Unwanted Mate By Mooncake | Libri

The Unwanted Mate


The alpha roughly brought her closer to him, his gaze hovering over the girl like the shadow of a thunderstorm. "Everything happened according to your wish, didn't it? " Keiran's voice was dangerously low. "You ruined everything! You!—a pathetic creature like you made me put my Pack in danger!" He seethed, making the omega flinch. Evelyn looked up and she was greeted with a pair of fiery red eyes staring back at her. "Are you going to stand there like a mute?" He asked, frustrated that the omega wasn't uttering a single word. "I-I'm sorry, A-Alpha..." Evelyn didn't even know what she was sorry about but she just wanted her mate to calm down. She didn't want him to be angry. He already hated her enough. ●○●○●○●○ Evelyn is an omega, the lowest rank among the werewolves. The girl had to suffer a lot since childhood. Constantly hiding and living in fear killed her spirit. With an unknown enemy chasing her day and night, she was on the brink of losing hope. That's when he found her. Keiran Winter, the Alpha of one of the powerful Packs in the world, despised the weak with a passion. So when he got to find that his mate is the weakest human he has ever seen, it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies for him. He wanted nothing to do with her. But he was everything to her. **** Hello guys, please check out my new book 'Bride Of The Alpha King'. Here's a little blurb of the book; Irene jumped off the bridge to kill herself. But when she opened her eyes she was in another world. She was royalty and had a family. She was happy but nothing was perfect. Irene had to marry the king of lycans. A man whose heart is colder than ice and harder than stone. Will a girl who gave up on love and a man who's unable to love can fall for each other? Read to find out... Check out the book for a detailed description. (Daily updates)

The Devil Mafia Is My Man By Priskila Wi | Libri

The Devil Mafia Is My Man

Priskila Wi

Aleina Xavinzo felt annoyed because she was always haunted by Richard Alfredo Thomas, her ex-lover. They had broken up a long time ago, but the guy kept chasing her, which made the girl uncomfortable. Until an incident occurred, which made them even more attached, even though they did not return to a relationship. Aleina's life changed after meeting Adrianus James Verona. At that time, she accidentally drank herself into a club, because she was confused by a complicated story with an ex-boyfriend, so she hits a foreign man, and ended up having sex in a hotel room. One month after the incident, they met again. Aleina was surprised when she found out the man she once had a one-night stand with, he turned out to be a husband chosen by the parents. What about Adrian and Aleina marriage? Is the relationship, built on the basis of an arranged marriage going well? Could it be that love is growing between them?

Selene Alpha By Burn_after_reading | Libri

Selene Alpha


For Joaker, having failed her duty as a universal guardian, she was then punished to live as a mortal. A being without fur or fangs. For being a failure but not without a bit of merit. She, before had been a being who guarded a universe, was demoted to become…Hyena, human, a pig, wolf... Tortured. Warped until her true self was lost and she became a being that she had looked down upon. Forced to struggle with the need to keep her nature in check and protect those who wish to crush her underfoot. Paired with that she must also decide if she wants the males who constantly hunt her, as her own or to use them to alleviate her rapidly rising heat.

The Hidden Mermaid of Midal By StarDiamondD | Libri

The Hidden Mermaid of Midal


Jewels is an ordinary teenager who grow up on a small island on the Pacific Coast of the United States. She is about to taste the sweetness of love with Thaddeus, when one day she is called to the Ocean to find out that she is a Mermaid destined to be the next Queen of the Seven Seas. With help of three of her closest friends, she makes her way to the Heart of the Ocean and the home of her Kingdom Midal, where she finds out that her and her mother were sent into hiding many years ago. While, the most unexpected enimy is approcahing, her and her friend with the warriors of her kingdom prepare to go to war and fight for the people of her realm. Friendships and love are put on the test of all time. Will her friendships stay stand strong and will the person who loves her stand by her side and fight against her sworn enemy?

MATE KIND OF LOVE By YhenAmor | Libri



I ran faster trying to catch the man who, I had just caught forcing himself on a little street girl. I grabbed his neck as I caught him and was about to twist it when someone behind kicked me, releasing my hold against the man’s neck. “Thank you brother!” the man shouted, after being released from my hands. Before he could run, my fist landed on his jaw and he staggered. I gave him another blow that hit his nose and then a frontal kick that made him like paper, flying. A millisecond and then there was a tug sound when his body landed nearby. I then felt a kick hitting my back that almost made me outbalance, but I am not an ordinary human who could easily be shaken. I turned around to face the man who helped the rapist and just for a second that he looked into my eyes, his body shook and then he fell to the ground, lifeless. I smirked while looking at his dead body. “Tsss, you looked into my tantalizing eyes, that’s why,” I murmured, shaking my head. Then I heard that clicking of a gun’s trigger, at my back. “Put your hands up!” A woman’s voice filled my ears and my nostrils then savored the smell of my favorite hot chocolate, fresh, aromatic, and intoxicating. I slowly weakened as my heart thumped, so crazily fast. “Put your hands at your back now and don’t you dare make any violent reaction,” she said again while her gun was still pointed at my back. I did as told and immediately, I felt my hands being handcuffed. “Now, turn around!” she commanded. I slowly turned around to face her and see if she will recognize me. “You? Again! Holy Ghost, you really want to be put in jail again?!” she hissed at me and I enjoyed seeing the surprise, then the angry expression on her face. She is beautiful and I was truly drawn to her. I smiled widely at her and nodded, “Yes, bring me to your precinct where I can be near you always. I will be enjoying that.” She gave me a fierce look as she dragged me on her nearby big, black Police Motorbike. “By the way, let me tell you this again, you are my mate. You are destined to become the Queen Luna of the most powerful Ultima Alpha King from the Galactid Realm, Kingdom of Galalian,” I said, repeating what I have told her before. “Lunatic! I will put you in jail!” she hissed at me, while she kicked my butt, which made my eyes grow wide. None! No one ever disrespected me like that in my Kingdom! I immediately turned around and before she could move, she was already inside my handcuffed hands and my lips crushed her lips, unceremoniously and punishingly. I felt her become frozen for a while, and I took that opportunity to delve my tongue deeper into her sweet mouth. My tongue searched around until it caught her tongue unguarded. And, I just know, I have tasted the sweetest lips and sweetest tongue ever. Then, I felt it; the first slap in my life!

Her Forbidden Alpha  By Moonlight Muse | Libri

Her Forbidden Alpha

Moonlight Muse

"This is wrong..." she whimpered pleasure consuming her. “You want me just as much as I want you, give in to your desires sweetheart and I’ll make you feel so fucking good, that you won't ever want another man to touch you,” he whispered huskily making her core throb. That was what she was afraid of, that when he was done with her, she would be left broken… ------ Scarlett Malone : a feisty headstrong young she-wolf, blessed by the moon goddess as the first Alpha Female. Elijah Westwood : the most popular boy around, and one every girl wished to have a taste of. A player who didn’t believe in love, nor mates. What will happen when he returns home only to find that he’s begun to see his step-sister in a new light? Knowing that when the mating ceremony came, she would find her mate. Will he fight against everything for her, or would he let her go?