Unconditional love By Fallenstar | Libri

Unconditional love


A fate bounded by marriage, and a love to a unconditional ending "Make sure girl you never cross paths with me or devil will make your life hell." Said a man in a fine talored dress and dangerous aura. The innocent girl never thought that she'll cross paths with him, until the day."You...?" Said the girl shocked to see the devil in front of her who was now going to marry. Love an unconditional commitment to the most unexpected person.......

The Alpha's Mate Who Cried Wolf By Jazz Ford | Libri

The Alpha's Mate Who Cried Wolf

Jazz Ford

Astrid lives alone with her dad; she has no idea she is a werewolf or that they even exist! It turns out the man that helped raise Astrid isn't her father at all, he tells her that her mother wanted her to have a "normal" life until the day she turned eighteen when she would have no choice but to tell Astrid the truth about her identity. After a tragedy that killed her mother, her father turns abusive towards her over the years for her mother's death. Astrid remained completely unaware of her heritage until a man named Ryker comes into her life claiming they are mates!

The Ugly One By Angela Lynn Carver | Libri

The Ugly One

Angela Lynn Carver

Jane is a teenager in high school who had always been insecure about her looks thanks to her older sister who was always deemed more beautiful. She thought living under her sister's shadow was the worst thing that could happen to her. Until one day, her luck turned for the worst when the school's biggest jerk and the bad boy Jake decided to force her to become his wing-woman to win Liliana's heart! Not only that, she accidentally bumped into an even bigger jerk, Jake's older brother Aaron who couldn't seem to keep his hands off of her. How will she ever escape these ruthless bad boys?

Cruel Alpha's Disguise Hybrid By Kitto | Libri

Cruel Alpha's Disguise Hybrid


Extremely Mature(18+) For Mature Audience only . Slow burn Rommace with smut . Just a trash for them, But now, An Almighty threat for their so-called world. ~Zara. An Omega, Who is nothing but a mere punching bag for everyone. Even less than a living Being, Who gets treated like trash among her own kind. She never dreams of having Mate. Her dreams are different, she just wants to see the open Sky, by getting away from the pathetic pack life she has. But Moon Goddess has other games for a Trash like her. She gets fated to Most Cruel and, Calm Alpha of the pack, whom she despises more than she despises being a Wolf or should say just a " Trash". Getting an Alpha as her Mate, who is desperate in need of having Mate. Is she going to Accept her Fate? Or She is going to fight with her fate? Is she really, just a trash? Or there is something more that hides behind it? Let's see the Journey of Desperate Alpha with his Disguise Luna.

The Legal Wife By Yeoja | Libri

The Legal Wife


Ashin Johnstone has never loved someone as much as she loved her husband, Kristoff Washington. She had spent most of her life crushing hard on him and was really elated that she finally married him in a pragmatic marriage. But she knew that he doesn't love her, not the way she wanted him to. She knew that he will never love her like a woman. He will never want her like the way she desires him. As painful as it is, she has learned to understand him and his feelings for her. She was trying to be contented with her life with him. She was trying to be contented with her relationship with him. After all, she is the legal wife. Everyone who would want him would go through her first because she's recognized one. She's the lawful wife.

The Alpha Viking By Maria Elise | Libri

The Alpha Viking

Maria Elise

*Book 1 (The Alpha Viking) Chapter 1- 56 *Book 2 (The Alpha Vikings heir) Chapter 57- Freya is a well-trained fighter and strategist, but she will never be allowed to attend a war, defend her pack or have a future as such in the pack because her wolf won’t shift form. The moon goodness mates her with Eirik, a young and strong Alpha from Norway, the mythical Alpha Viking. She pushed him away and escaped. But… "Are you finished running now, so I can let you go? But I warn you if you run again, I will catch you, pin you down and do to you exactly what my wolf is suggesting and enjoy it.. " A plan is made by higher powers, which path will it lead them down?

Ravished by the Beasts By Kelly Lord | Libri

Ravished by the Beasts

Kelly Lord

“Bad girl would get fucked in the ass by the FOUR of us, when she breaks the rule.” Isobelle Harding, being sucked into the world of shifters, has bagged herself a harem of smoking hot werewolves. What should have been an amazing time of her life soon leads to her own erotic awakening with four beasts.

The Beast's Virgin Claim By Luna Liz | Libri

The Beast's Virgin Claim

Luna Liz

WARNING: {R18+ ROMANCE}{Explicit sexual content} ~ Excerpt: "I only want you, Theia. Always have always will and this shall never change. How could I ever want another when I possess the one I solely exist for?" "Phobos," I call his name fondly a need to hug him and breathe in his calming scent surfaces. "I do not wish to treat you like you are made of glass because you aren't. Your body was made for me and it can handle everything I choose to give it. And this I will prove it to you." "When?" I ask breathlessly as he ultimately turns around to meet my curious eyes. Golden rings outline his irises his beast announcing his presence and they stand as one before me. A wicked smile paints his face with a flash of canine displayed to me. A promise he gives that I will be ruthlessly devoured. "When I fuck you senseless." ~ After years of excruciating loneliness, Phobos approached me. A frightening beast, my soulmate who emerged from within the bounds of a ruthless thundering storm. The male I yearned for. He caught me off guard and I was under the spell he cast through his ocean eyes. A spell I couldn't defeat and that very moment I knew I was in trouble. The second our eyes met I knew he would bring me endless heartache. We were childhood friends, him and I. Phobos the gentle and playful juvenile I grew up with and looked up to as a pup vanished and was replaced by a cold-hearted barbarian, he terrified me as he killed many with a blink of his eyes. No regret, no concern his beast often in control surging forward consuming his senses. They were equals. How can I connect with a beast like him? How could I make him call me his? How can I love my childhood friend who has become a merciless monster? ~ #PHOBOS is a childhood friends to lovers dark romance erotic series with an age gap of 9 years between the protagonists. It will be a rollercoaster ride of emotions but will also have tons of delicious spice to heat you up. I truly hope you enjoy it my little wolves!

Clash Of Lovers By VD | Libri

Clash Of Lovers


They were in love with each other, to bring their relationship to next level, they tied the knot of marriage. Marriage, though it's a simple word of 8 letters, only the ones who have tasted it can understand it better. From "Baby, I can't stay without you. Please don't move away from my arms" to "Your son is crying and you are just seating idly using your phone, just go and make shut that pain in my ass." From "I want to spend my whole life with you. I love you darling" to "Ohhh god, when this person will move away from my eyesight." In the buffet of relationship we have different tastes; spicy, sour, sweet and bitter. So, we have to taste them in either way. We all know the philosophy of life, still we start to believe these small fights as end of love. Sometimes, misunderstandings leads us to the most unwanted ending which is defined as "Divorce" in today's context. Let's see how Adrian and Stelara handle this word of 8 letters, "Marriage". Will their love be able to eliminate "Divorce" from their equation of relationship?

The Cursed Mate By Shruti Omar | Libri

The Cursed Mate

Shruti Omar

Tall and willowy, Chhavi Ghosh has never believed in magic. Working as a forensic meteorologist, she is surrounded by the possibilities in the innovative world of science. She's appointed to study the striking phenomenon with logic before presenting her analytical ideas on them. But how will she dig the logic behind the unnatural force grabbing her foot and pulling her to the dark, dense world where the thin line between science and magic fades and combines them together. How will she wrap her mind to the fact that she is the long, lost mate of a powerful Alpha in the Ancient realm? Shashank Duruth is living with one sole intention; that is to find his mate and gain his life again. Spotting Chhavi and recognizing her, how far will he go with his madness to make sure she's his?