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The Billionaire's Second Endeavour

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[THE NEW YORK BILLIONAIRES’ CLUB, #1] π‰πŽπ˜π‚π„ My celibacy had nothing to do with god. In fact, I couldn't care less about sleeping around. The problem was I was afraid of touches. Yeah, that's right. Intimacy didn't bother me as long as it was more on the emotional level. That changed when I met Vincent Brown. He was the epitome of trouble wrapped in a dark-haired, six-foot, brawny body. Yet his touch didn't unnerve me. Worse, I loved the way it felt. Our relationship started off as strangers in a one-night-stand and then on a tour around Paris before going back to our different paths. After five years of avoiding him, who would've thought we would cross paths at a wedding, of all places? Now that he knows who I am, he's determined to make me stay. He's too hard to deny when he looks at me like I'm the only meal he wants to have and touches me as if I consume every being in his body. Only he doesn't know the burden I carry. And the reason I feared being touched. π•πˆππ‚π„ππ“ She was the perfect balance of fun, humour and strength with a beautiful soul and the most delicious scent I've smelled. When she proposed the idea of remaining strangers, I couldn't have cared less, but that was before I knew her. Five years since and she's still on my mind. When I find her again, it's like she's not the same person anymore. I'm torn between wanting to pull her close and letting her go to protect her from the demons I can't control. Being a selfish arse, you can probably guess which option I would choose. In my quest to know more about her, I come across things I least expect. They say secrets can crumble even the strongest castles, but it's okay to lie to protect the ones you love, though, right? Except I doubt she believes the same. If she learns of the things I've been hiding for the past five years, she wouldn't see me the same way. Plus, I know her brother's death wasn't a hit-and-run case.

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