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Her duplicate Luna

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Half minutes left and I will soon be Mrs. Eloisa Stone. A glimpse of a smile painted into my face. I was inside my room with a beauty artist. She was now putting the final touch on my makeup and the vile. "You look pretty, ma'am. Your husband to be is lucky to have you!" She told me and I was flattered to know it. "Maybe I'm just lucky to have him," I said, and a glamorous smile came to my face. *Wedding day* Seeing myself walking in the aisle is a dream come true. I never thought this day will come. Back when the time Kent and Lucy were together, it always breaks my heart to see them smiling and blushing with each other. Kent is like a God who falls from heaven. He's a Zeus of the plant Earth. To see him smiling while waiting for me is like a jackpot. Poor Lucy, she will stay unhappy forever. I am not crazy to like her. I did all of it because I just need her to trust me and to tell me all of her secrets and lately, I found out that she and Kent are together. My mind went crazy that time but God is so good to me. It's a long story.

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